The virus, which shall not be named at this juncture, has brought the world to a halt. Social distancing however, has awoken digital platforms in ways I didn’t foresee happening. My friends and I are hosting watch parties on Facebook. People are breaking through escape rooms while never leaving their home. Check out the Harry Potter Digital Escape Room from the clever folks at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania. Are you a fan of Cards Against Humanity? A friend of mine suggested playing online using a conference platform like Zoom.

God Bless the teachers, because homeschooling is for the birds

My children are bored to tears after only a week and a half away from school, (whether they think they are or not). So this Mama went scouring the interwebs for online learning beyond the interactive apps. I want my kids to experience distance learning and I’m privileged enough to make that happen. So, they are now registered with Today my 7-year-old daughter is taking a class called “Practice Spanish by Drawing with Basic Geometric Shapes.” On Monday she is participating in the “Women’s History Month Story Time Read-A-Loud.” My 10-year-old will be taking a class about mindfulness and a “Let’s Speak Spanish! Beginner Conversational.” My oldest will be getting one-to-one English Language Arts tutoring and chose a “Demystifying Psychology” class. What!? How amazing is this!?

In short, I’m seeing some silver linings thanks to the virus, which shall not be named.

We’re still together

My friends and family are not the only people sharing their creativity with the virtual world. You can find a list of artists who have planned to stream live online at For example, Miley Cyrus is planning a live show today on Instagram, she plans to chat with Bebe Rexha, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff and Dua Lipa.

BMG recording artist Devon Allman of the Allman Betts Band is going to go “on tour” from his house and it starts tonight!

“Man it is going to be fun to go on tour from the house. I really miss the energy of the stage and the interaction with our amazing fans. I really hope this makes our fans feel good during these crazy times and that we can just hang out and have some fun together. I’m going to work hard to keep each show unique. Our Allman Betts Band road crew is unemployed like all road crews out there, we’d like to encourage fans to make a donation that will go straight to them. Gibson has given us some guitars to give away and some other companies like Earthworks Audio and Meyer Sound Labs are stepping to the plate as well…..see y’all soon!” – Devon Allman

With most artists hopping on at random times, Allman wants to have a schedule with shows fans can look forward to and interact with as well.


Wednesday | Mar 25 @ 7pm Central
Friday | Mar 27 @ 7 pm Central 
Sunday | Mar 29 @ 4 pm Central 

The shows will be LIVE on the Devon Allman Facebook Page and then reposted the next day to all platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc.