Why are we only talking about Alex Morgan sipping tea? Honestly, with all the crap the US Women’s Soccer team has gotten for showboating, and a captain of the team salutes a win with a “tea sip” and everyone thinks it is awesome? Have any of you ever seen a touchdown dances in the end zone? Exactly. Let me be clear, I think it was awesome, too, but I also thought it was all perfectly fair to show pride and excitement for the other goals of the tournament. Do you know what I mean?


The biggest thing people were wondering going into the game is why Christen Press started the game instead of the fabulous Megan Rapinoe? Rapinoe had a slight “Twitter Tiff” with our dear President, but I don’t think that had anything to do with her not starting. I think Coach Ellis is confident in her team, knowing that Megan Rapinoe has done so well thus far she was comfortable starting other strong players. Presidential spat aside, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then invited Rapinoe to visit the House of Representatives and of course Rapinoe accepted.

There was one other change to the lineup. Coach Ellis had Lindsey Horan starting instead of Samantha Mewis. I don’t think we should put too much into these decisions. We know each player on this team is super stellar and came play multiple roles. Plus, Press scored the U.S. team’s first goal of the game.

Christen Press and Alex Morgan scored today’s two goals in their match against England, but who do I consider to be the player of the game? Easy. Alyssa Naeher, in my opinion, the #1 goalie saving a last minute penalty kick was definitely one of the most intense moments of the game.

It is a sad day for England.

And even though their coach Phil Neville insisted there be no tears from his players, we still heard somberness from the women on the team. Specifically one of their popular star players, Ellen White, she scored England’s only goal of today’s game.

Ellen White: “I’m going to cry. I’m devastated not to get to the final. All I feel is pride for my teammates. USA had an amazing match and we just couldn’t match them. I’m proud to be English and I wish them all the best in the final.” [ source ]

The US will play the winner of Wednesday’s other Semi-final match: Sweden vs. Netherlands on July 7.