This week on A Pod Has No Name…the Words of Radiance finale pod is finally here! For over two hours, listen to Tom & Shane recap and react to every plot twist and turn as we make our way through the “sanderlanche!” 

No bullet points this week because of too many spoilers, also…how could we possibly narrow down the highlights??? I hope you all enjoy the episode, though! Even with it being two hours long, it feels like we could’ve talked about so much more! Let us know what you think of the episode, and don’t forget to submit any mailbag questions for next episode on Twitter @APodHasNoName or on our weekly reddit post over at r/Stormlight_Archive as we move forward toward Edgedancer. To everyone that has followed us along through His Dark Materials, The Way of Kings,  Warbreaker, and now this, THANK YOU! 

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