This week on A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom continue Words of Radiance with our 10th episode! Covering chapters 59-68, we see our hero back in chains and the aftermath of the duel, as well as: 

  • An interesting theme of epigraph…
  • Shallan levels up again
  • Dalinar exiled whomst??
  • We meet a mad man 
  • Kaladin gets out of jail! And…OMG no!
  • Cliffhanger ending!
  • Mailbag questions and re-reading some prologue/interludes again

We somehow accidentally did 68 this week as well even though I said 67 last week…oh well, bonus chapter for you! Hope you enjoyed the reactions and theories this week. For next time, we’ll be finishing up part four. Don’t forget to submit any mailbag questions for next week on Twitter @APodHasNoName or on our weekly reddit post over at r/Stormlight_Archive as we prepare for the final stretch of episodes here! We’ll see you next week!

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