This week on A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom recap and react to chapters 35-42. Highlighted by a multi-chapter, cross-POV meeting of power players, listen to our hosts breakdown:

  • Shallan’s totally smooth second meeting with Kaladin
  • Adolin’s reaction to meeting his latest betrothed 
  • Dalinar makes his plan known
  • Further questioning Shallan’s past after another flashback
  • Kaladin levels up
  • Shallan unlocks a new power

Some of our favorite characters are finally starting to intersect and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve enjoyed the podcast, please rate and subscribe, and thanks for listening! For next week we’ll be reading chapters 43-50. Don’t forget to submit any mailbag questions for next week on Twitter @APodHasNoName or on our weekly reddit post over at r/Stormlight_Archive. We’ll see you next week!

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