We’re five episodes into our Words of Radiance read-through and things seem to be picking up! In an exciting group of chapters this week, Shane and Tom recap and react, as well as:

  • Shane “spooned” over Bluth??? (I meant swooned!)
  • Shallan sets out with a new caravan
  • Is it pronounced Tin or Tyne? 
  • Lopen’s cousin! 
  • Elhokar almost takes a fall
  • Suspect list
  • We…empathize with Gaz???
  • What to make of Natam’s account 
  • Adolin battles on top of a Pyramid
  • Shallan’s flashback hints at something much darker going on
  • Sadeas watches Adolin duel

And much more in between! We hope everyone enjoys this episode, and be sure to let us know what you think. If you’ve been enjoying the podcast, don’t forget to rate and subscribe! Get those Reddit comments and mailbag questions in during the week, and we’ll see you next time! 


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