Annnnnnnd our second Words of Radiance episode is here! This week, Shane and Tom recap and react to chapters 5-10, as well as respond to some Reddit comments and questions. Listen to our discuss:

  • Dalinar’s proclamation
  • Kaladin’s bodyguard skills
  • A seemingly very important meeting
  • A Sadeas POV??
  • Our new friend, Pattern
  • Illumination surgebinding and what it means 
  • The plan to find Urithiru
  • Words of Radiance
  • Shallan’s latest trip to Shadesmar
  • Shallan’s first flashback

And everything in between! For next week we’ll be finishing part one, including the interludes. Be sure to submit any mailbag questions to the r/Stormlight_Archive reddit page or on Twitter @APodHasNoName. See you next week!