After much anticipation…A Pod Has No Name is back in Roshar! In our intro podcast for the second installment in The Stormlight Archive, we cover the prologue and chapters 1-4. Listen to us make predictions on whats coming in the book, as well as:

  • Analyze Gavilar’s murder from Jasnah’s perspective
  • Take a deep dive into Shadesmar and spren
  • Reunite with Bridge Four
  • Immerse ourselves into another one of Dalinar’s visions
  • Mailbag questions and more! 

Remember, we’ll be back posting on The Stormlight Archive subreddit for the remainder of the series as we work our way towards Rhythm of War. Find us there or on Twitter @APodHasNoName for discussion between episodes. For next week, we’ll be reading and analyzing chapters five through ten. See you then! 


Words of Radiance 1-4 | Words of Radiance 5-10 | Words of Radiance 11-Part One Interludes