As we eclipse the 50 episode mark here at A Pod Has No Name, we celebrate with a Warbreaker finale pod! Brandon Sanderson blew us away yet again, and we’re thankful that our listeners suggested we read it! At just under two hours of runtime, this week’s episode really dives into the characters, plot points, arc, and twists and turns that Warbreaker’s final frame took us on. Here all of that, including:

  • Lightsong’s observation about Allmother in hindsight
  • Vasher and Vivenna…the buddy cop we never knew we needed
  • Vivenna has her “take a stand” moment as she continues to train with Awakening
  • Lightsong takes charge
  • The colored banners streaking as votes come in 
  • Nightblood and Old Chapps…the REAL buddy cop we never knew we needed
  • Vasher, Denth, and finally connecting the past
  • Lightsong learns the truth
  • Bluefingers and the appearance of average
  • Reacting to Lightsong’s overall arc
  • We learn how Vasher beat Arsteel
  • One final reveal in chapter 58
  • Reactions to the epilogue…and looking ahead to a sequel, perhaps?
  • Siri and Vivenna’s role reversal throughout the book

As we say on the pod, we loved this book! Listen to all of our praise, and even some slight criticism, and let us know what you thought! Reach out to us on Twitter for some further Warbreaker discussion, or find our post on the r/Cosmere Reddit page! Looking forward, we’re gearing up to start Words of Radiance. Stay tuned for updates on that in the coming days. Thank you guys so much for listening, and until next time!

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