Our penultimate Warbreaker podcast is here! This week, Shane and Tom react and recap to chapters 27-41. It would be an understatement to say a lot happened this week, so tune in for all of our discussion and analysis on: 

  • Siri investigates what happened to past God Kings
  • Vivenna’s meetings
  • Nightblood’s…interesting choose of name for a certain character
  • Lightsong and Siri’s friendship
  • Clod’s big moment
  • The return of a familiar character!
  • Hallandren’s push for war
  • THAT betrayal
  • Figuring out what to make of Vasher
  • Mailbag questions from Twitter and Reddit

And a lot more! Be sure to find our episode post on Reddit at the r/Cosmere page, as well as on Twitter @APodHasNoName. We had a lot of good mailbag questions this week, so please continue to submit any questions or topics you want us to discuss ahead of our finale pod! For next week, we’re going from chapter 42 till the end of the book. Enjoy! 

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