Our second Warbreaker pod is finally here! We’ve been exposed to schemers, plots, and politics in this set of chapters and we anticipate the curtains of Hallandren will continue to be pulled back. This week, Shane and Tom recap and react to chapters 13-26, as well as:

  • Vivenna’s struggles with her newfound breathe
  • Our POVs converging in the court of gods
  • Lightsong reluctantly getting pulled into politics
  • Lemex’s letters with the King of Idris 
  • Denth/Vasher specuation
  • Reacting to Siri starting to take matters into her own hands
  • Getting to know Susebron
  • Lightsong finding clues to his past

A ton of other things happened in these chapters that we discussed, those are just some of the highlights! Be sure to listen and let us know your reactions and perspective on what’s happened so far. As always, find us on Twitter @APodHasNoName as well as the Cosmere and Stormlight Archive Reddit pages for our weekly post! For next week, we’ll be reading chapters 27-41. See you then! 

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