It took 13 episodes, but we’re now finished The Way of Kings, and it’s our longest pod yet! Brandon Sanderson really blew us away with this first entry into the Stormlight Archive, and we had a blast reading and podcasting on it. Audio and video are available below! Listen to Shane and Tom’s unfiltered reactions to the end of the book, as well as:

  • Initial reactions to the ending
  • Thoughts on each of the big reveals and moments 
  • Chapter by chapter discussion
  • Fan-submitted questions from Reddit
  • Looking ahead to Warbreaker

The rest of the Stormlight Archive is on the horizon, but with a quick break in the world of Warbreaker. That will be a four-part series, so soon enough we’ll be back in Roshar with the Words of Radiance. Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Reddit who read along with us throughout the book, it truly means a lot to us. You can find our post on the Stormlight Archive Reddit page for further discussion from us and our listeners. Feel free to follow Shane on Twitter @guschiiggens, Tom @tomds215, and the APHNN main page @APodHasNoName. We look forward to discussing The Way of Kings as a whole with you, and hope you’ll join us for Warbreaker. Until next time, Nameless!