We’re back with another episode of A Pod Has No Name! This week. Shane and Tom recap and react to chapters 58-64 of The Way of Kings. We learned a lot about our characters and the story in this set of chapters, listen to our host go over all of that, as well as:

  • Dalinar’s story from The Way of Kings
  • Sadeas…wants to learn more about the Codes?
  • Adolin’s duel
  • Is Elhokar’s paranoia justified?
  • Kaladin practices with stormlight
  • Dalinar sees what a Desolation can do to Kholinar
  • A powerful Navani scene
  • Kaladin goes full Matrix
  • Moash and the difference between him and Kaladin
  • Dalinar’s curse 
  • The Tower assault looms! 

Next week, we’re going to be finishing The Way of Kings and doing a finale mega-pod. This book has been absolutely riveting and there’s just no way we stop to put it down now. We hope that everyone that has read-along this far agrees! Find us on Twitter @APodHasNoName for Shane’s reactions while he reads as well as on the Stormlight Archive reddit page where we post our episodes every week. Please feel free to comment and interact in any way you can while we near the finish line!