A Pod Has No Name: The Amber Spyglass Delivers on the Scope Pullman Has Built Up

After a holiday break, we are back with another pod! On the last episode we finished up book two of the His Dark Materials trilogy, and this week we’ve moved onto the third book. The Amber Spyglass starts off with multiple riveting chapters. Shane, Tom, and Dave recap and react to the first eight chapters here, as well as:

  • Dive into some analogies for Eve, Metatron, and our two new friends Balthamos and Baruch
  • The never-ending mystery of how to feel about Lord Asriel
  • The re-introduction of Iorek Brynison and his standoff with Will
  • Mid-pod technical difficulties…
  • Looking ahead to next week

For our next pod, we’ll be reading chapters 9-13. As always, thank you for listening and feel free to give us your feedback on Reddit, Twitter, or anywhere else!

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