The day is finally here, we’ve completed our His Dark Materials read-along! This series was absolutely incredible and has maxed the hype out for the TV show airing on HBO November 4th. In our finale episode for the trilogy, Dave, Tom, and Shane go over:

  • Recapping and reacting to chapters 33-38
  • Tom talks about sleep-away camp and compares it to…Will and Lyra falling in love? 
  • Identifying Mary’s role as the “tempter”
  • Dust and it’s relationship with love
  • Father Gomez and his impact/role on the story
  • Our favorite Angel returns 
  • Dissecting the final decision Will and Lyra have to face
  • Thoughts on the ending and series as a whole
  • Final discussion questions

We want to thank everyone who has listened to the pod during this read through! The hope is that anyone who is inspired to read the books once the show airs can go through the experience as first time readers with us. If you enjoyed the pod, please take a moment to give us a review on whichever streaming service you listen on. It would mean a lot to us. Moving forward we’ll be podding about the show, the other His Dark Materials books, and getting into other series all together! For next week’s episode, we’ll be previewing the premier of the show, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.