Our read-along series of His Dark Materials keeps churning, and this time we’re back covering chapters 14-18 of The Amber Spyglass. Host Shane and Tom react and recap to the chapters, as well as:

  • The Subtle Knife and how it relates to a weapon of mass destruction
  • The detail and beauty of Pullman’s writing, particularly in chapter 15, “The Forge”
  • The battle of wits between our two power players, Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel
  • Shane and Tom profess their love for the Mulefa and their chapters with Mary Malone
  • Instant reactions to the characters making it into the world of the dead
  • Mailbag questions from Reddit!

Thanks to those who submitted questions and to everyone who listens! For next week’s pod, we’ll be covering chapters 19-22, so be sure to continue reading along with us. Enjoy! 

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