After announcing our The Way of Kings read-through last week, we’re now through the first five chapters! Cenn, Kaladin, and Shallan gave us some great world-building chapters that seemingly set up plot for future chapters, and we’re excited to continue going. On this week’s episode, Shane and Tom discuss:

  • Cenn and his absolutely fantastic chapter
  • Hashing out what we know and what we don’t about this “petty border skirmish”
  • Kaladin’s introduction and the setting up of his character arc
  • Wind/painspren discussion
  • Shallan’s journey to save House Davar 

Of course there’s more, so be sure to listen for the nitty gritty details! Whether you’re like us and reading along for the first time or a veteran doing a re-read, feel free to submit any questions or discussion topics to, our reddit post on the r/Stormlight_Archive page, or on our Twitter at @APodHasNoName. For next week, we’ll be going to page 215 in the standard paperback editions, finishing up part one and the interludes. As always, thanks for listening!