On this week’s A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom start part four of The Way of Kings. Listen to them recap and react to everything that happened in these five chapters, as well as:

  • What’s next regarding Warbreaker and Words of Radiance 
  • Analyze Dalinar’s flashback, such as what happened to all of those blades?
  • Roshar’s Shardblade count 
  • What connection does Dalinar have to the Old Magic?
  • Wit and how he’s likely much more important than we anticipated
  • Brightlord Hatham 
  • Sadeas and his reveal at the feast
  • Sesemelax Dar
  • Shen’s reaction to the Parshendi dead
  • Kills per page leaders
  • The Blackthorn comes forth
  • Kaladin, Radiants, and Windrunners
  • Epigraph theory and how it relates to Talenel…

We’re approaching a point in the story here where things are really starting to get moving. We hope everyone enjoys this episode and we cannot wait to dive back into the book and start working on the next pod! For this week, we’ll be reading chapters 58-64, and then there’s only one or two episodes left for our TWoK read-through. As usual, find us on Twitter @APodHasNoName or our discussion groups on the r/Stormlight_Archive reddit page. Looking forward to your comments and we’ll be back next week!