On our 5th full episode covering The Way of Kings, Shane and Tom react to and re-cap part two and the following interludes. On top of the usual banter from our hosts, hear Shane and Tom’s thoughts on:

  • Sadeas and his investigation
  • Dalinor’s “Thrill” dilemma
  • Apothecary business practices
  • Chasm duty and how we visualized the world beneath the Alethi warcamp
  • Kaladin winning the men over
  • Breaking down what we know about the Parshendi
  • What will Dalinor end up deciding?
  • Jasnah re-appears in the story
  • Reactions to seeing Shinovar
  • Axies the Collector…
  • and last but not least…Szeth is about to do what???

Don’t forget to leave any comments, emails, or tweets for us regarding the episode to discuss next week! If you’re reading with us, how did you react to the ending of part two and what are you most looking forward to in part three? As always, we can’t wait to hear from you all. For next week, we’ll be reading up to and including chapter 33. Bit of a shorter reading for this week, but you can expect the episode out sooner and we’ll have a quicker turnaround for a longer reading the following week. See you then!