After finishing The Way of Kings we continue through the Cosmere…and next up is Warbreaker! For this episode we read up until chapter 12, and we’ve already met a wide array of interesting characters. Hear all of our thoughts on Siri, Vivenna, Vasher, Nightblood, and Lightsong, as well as:

  • Awakeners, Returned, and Lifeless, oh my!
  • Appreciating the Prologue chapter
  • Heightening’s and the rules we know so far 
  • Lightsong and questions on how being a Returned works
  • Piecing together the Manywar (more to come on this next week)
  • Bebid, Bluefingers, and the Vasher connection
  • Siri/Vivenna parallels
  • What gods answering “petitions” really means

The reading schedule for Warbreaker is as follows:

  • Next week: 13-26
  • 27-41
  • 42-epilogue

To all of our listeners that made it through The Way of Kings with us, we hope you enjoy our read-along of Warbreaker just as much if not more! If you’re new, join us as we catch up for the new book in The Stormlight Archive in November. Find this episode and discuss with members of the fandom on r/cosmere Reddit page, as well as on Twitter (@apodhasnoname)! 

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