The third episode of His Dark Materials was perhaps the strongest one yet. Some powerful scenes from Lyra, Ma Costa, and John Faa headlined the show, while characters like Farder Coram and Tony Costa finally had some strong moments themselves. Shane and Tom break down the episode, as well as:

  • Is the show explaining the human/daemon relationship appropriately?
  • Combining aspects of The Subtle Knife and The Golden Compass…Do we like it? Are they handling it well?
  • Thoughts on Dafne Keen as Lyra
  • His Dark Materials discussions carried over from Reddit
  • Lin Manuel-Miranda as Lee Scoresby…what to expect from the shows adaption of the character

Next week, we’ll likely see the show take us up north! As mentioned on the pod, this is where the 2007 movie seemed to fall apart. We’re confident the show will succeed where the movie failed, but be sure to tune in next week to hear our thoughts on episode four, Lee Scoresby, and of course…Iorek Byrnison!!!

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