Your two favorite podcast hosts are back with another episode of A Pod Has No Name! Covering chapters 34-42 of The Way of Kings, Tom and Shane react and re-cap to those chapters, as well as:

  • Kaladin VS a Highstorm
    • And his gamble to the men
  • The “inhuman” face
  • Jasnah’s lesson 
  • Shallan finally makes her move
  • Kaladin’s flashbacks
  • Teft? Envisagers?? Absorbing stormlight???
  • Kaladin’s assessment of the Parshendi war tactics
  • Shallan gets put on the clock

Be sure to tune in to hear us discuss that and everything in between! A lot happened in these chapters and once we finish part three we’ll likely have to sit back and gauge where the story stands thus far. For next week, we’ll be reading chapters 43-48, and will be wrapping up the rest of part three and the interludes for the following episode. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @APodHasNoName for updates. Thanks for listening!