900 pages later and we are through three parts of The Way of Kings! On this weeks episode, Shane and Tom discuss where Kaladin and Shallan’s arcs are at through part three, as well as:

  • Unkalaki’s emphasis on food
  • New sub-squad leaders in Bridge Four?
  • Two-phase poisons…maybe too complex to work
  • The final Kaladin flashback?
  • “Old Magic”
  • Spren experimentation
  • Szeth…my oh my…

For next week, we’ll be reading chapters 52-57. We’ve had some listeners tells us that after chapters 62/63 things really pick up and we should read the ensuing chapters together, so we’ll be catering the reading schedule around that! Remember to follows us on Twitter at @APodHasNoName and look for our post on the r/Stormlight_Archive Reddit page. Until next week…APHNN out!