Another week, another episode of A Pod Has No Name! This week Shane and Tom read chapters 19 through 25 of The Way of Kings. A lot of information was given to us in these chapters, from Dalinar’s vision to Kaladin’s flashbacks about his past, our hosts go over all that and more! Including:

  • Alien/A Quiet Place-esque monsters?!?
  • The Knights Radiant first impressions
  • “Trust Sadeas”…or maybe not?
  • Kaladin’s bromancing 
  • The political scheming coming into play at the Alethi warcamp
  • Dissecting what Kaladin told Rock and Teft about his past
  • Dalinar’s attempt at diplomacy 

If you haven’t been reading along with us, you have plenty of time to catch up! All of our episodes can be found here on the site, or on iTunes and Spotify. For our weekly listeners, next week we’ll be finishing up part two of the story and the interludes (page 561 in the paperback edition). Feel free to submit any mailbag/discussion questions to the pod’s email, You can also find us on Twitter @APodHasNoName. Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back to break down the end of part two of The Way of Kings next week!