Alright, ladies and gentlemen, your two favorite podcast hosts are back with another episode of A Pod Has No Name. On this weeks episode, Shane and Tom react and re-cap to chapters 12-18, including:

  • New character impressions from Adolin, Dalinar, Sadeas, and the other interesting fellows in the Alethi war camp
  • Analyzing the gemheart wars
  • Kaladin’s arc and Syl’s evolution
  • Admiring the chasmfiend fight 
  • Breaking down Dalinar’s current predicament 
  • As well as discussion from everything in between and looking ahead to next week.

Thanks so much for listening, we can’t wait to hear your responses. Don’t forget to give us a follow on Twitter @apodhasnoname and look for our post/discussions on the r/stormlight_archive reddit page! We had no lack of drama in this week’s episode so we hope you enjoy our banter on it. For next week, we’ll be covering chapters 19-25. See you then!