On this week’s episode of A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom react to episode six of His Dark Materials. Since first reading the Bolvangar chapters in our read-along pod, we’ve been anticipating seeing it brought to life in the adaption. Overall…it didn’t disappoint! Our hosts give some quick spoiler-free thoughts, before diving into:

  • Episode recap
  • Sister Clara… very creepy
  • Lyra’s character continues to get peeled back and reveal all the features that made us fall in love with her in the book
  • The differences in show and book between the snowball fight scene and the discovery they find immediately after
  • Ruth Wilson opposite of Dafne Keen appreciation
  • Roger is kind of a bad-ass!
  • Serafina shows up in style

Seeing the horrors of Bolvangar come off the page and onto the screen was mostly everything we expected! Tune in to hear our thoughts on all aspects of the episode, as well as looking ahead to next week!