Before writing for this esteemed website, I was fortunate enough to spend three years as an Amateur Scout covering the WHL on the West coast of the United States.  During that time, I became obsessed with predicting who might turn into what at the NHL level. Over the past 10 years, I have ranked players (based upon projection) and participated in mock drafts regularly.

Below you will find my April rankings for the top 31 prospects in this year’s draft. I update these findings weekly, but I will begin posting them here monthly. I will also be releasing Flyers specific draft strategies and targets.

Here are the top April rankings:

2019 NHL Entry Draft Player Rankings

  1. C J. Hughes (USHL)
  2. W K. Kappo (FIN)
  3. W V. Podkolzin (KHL/MHL)
  4. C K. Dach (WHL)
  5. D B. Byram (WHL)
  6. C D. Cozens (WHL)
  7. C T. Zegras (USHL)
  8. C A. Turcotte (USHL)
  9. C M. Boldy (USHL)
  10. C P. Kebs (WHL)
  11. W C. Caufield (USHL)
  12. W A. Kaliyev (OHL)
  13. D V. Soderstrom (SWE)
  14. D P. Broberg (SWE)
  15. D C. York (USHL)
  16. C A. Newhook (BCHL)
  17. D M. Robertson (WHL)
  18. D M. Seider (GER)
  19. C N. Robertson (OHL)
  20. C R. Suzuki (OHL)
  21. D T. Harley (OHL)
  22. C I. Nikolayev (MHL)
  23. D V. Heinola (FIN)
  24. W R. Lavoie (QMJHL)
  25. D A. Honka (FIN)
  26. C B. Leason (WHL)
  27. W J. Pelletier (QMJHL)
  28. C B. Brink (USHL)
  29. C C. McMichael (OHL)
  30. G S. Knight (USHL)
  31. W N. Hoglander (SWE)